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Endurofit Classes, are fun, friendly and suitable for any ability. Indoor and outdoor circuit style classes are packed with variety and every session is different. It’s time to get fit!

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Bootcamps are a fun way to push yourself and your fitness levels – in the company of friends! Beginners are welcome and no one gets left behind, however if you are further on in your fitness journey Jason will get you to the next level. Classes are specially designed to challenge all abilities; with easier or harder options of each exercise available.

As well as bodyweight exercises, Endurofit bootcamps also use a range of functional equipment, adding a unique twist to outdoor training. The range of session formats ensure you will never get bored, and you will continue to be challenged. At bootcamp you can expect to see improvement in all areas – strength, cardio and flexibility.

Indoor Circuits

A winter special –  some of our classes have moved indoors!

Indoor Circuits will get you fit whilst staying warm and dry. Using a variety of equipment and body weight exercises, circuits doesn’t just get you stronger, you will still get a great cardio burn.

Using techniques such as HIIT training, which is short bursts of high intensity exercises with little rest, this class will help you burn fat fast! Benefits of HIIT include:

  • High calorie burn
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved cardio threshold
  • Improved strength